General Topics

Do I need to be home on my service day(s)?

No, you do not need to be home. Please just make sure the specified entry point is unlocked and accessible, free of any obstructions. If a provider is unable to access your yard for any of reason previously mentioned, you will still be charged for the visit/service.

Am I able to receive service year-round?

Yes, our providers work year round, in most climates. However, there may be times when services are paused or rescheduled due to acts of God, i.e.; tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, snow storms, etc. In such cases, your service provider will revisit once conditions are safe again.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions via online chat or email.


I had a service scheduled and the provider didn't show up.

If you had a scheduled service and your provider did not show up to complete it, we will do our best to reschedule the service. If we're unable to, you will not be charged for that missed service visit or a credit will be applied to your account.

Can you work with dogs in the yard?

In most cases, yes. If your dog(s) is friendly, there shouldn't be any problem if they're in the yard during your service visit. Please note, if your dog is unfriendly or is aggressive in any way, our providers will not attempt to enter your yard and you will be charged for that visit.

Do you offer time-specific visits?

For recurring services, we guarantee your service will be completed on your scheduled service day. For one-time services, time-specific visits may be available. Our providers run their businesses on routes that have already been established. Certain variables make it difficult to maintain time-specific visits.


Do I need to sign a contract to acquire service?

No, we do not require you to sign any contracts. Start/stop service anytime.

How do I cancel my service?

If you need to cancel your service for any reason, please contact us via chat or phone. We'll close your account and let your provider know.