Get Dog Services v2

Our Approach

To support the dog services industry we worked to put a platform together that provides an easy way for customers to find good providers. We're not a listing site, we do not charge a subscription fee or a commission. We provide a platform to make it simple for a customer to find a great provider in their local region. They book their service immediately and a new customer/provider relationship is born.

Our Story

When a dog service provider has a techie best friend and you happen to vent over a dinner about feeling overwhelmed about the amount of time it takes to learn, implement, stay on top of SEO, marketing, build a website, update blogs, and the list goes on... and your techie friend starts drawing on a napkin. The idea was born over dinner, the site took much longer but our team is a perfect balance of dog service providers and the techies that support us.

Our sole focus is dogs. We looked at sites like Angie's List, Home Advisor, etc., to come up with a platform that not only fits the dog service industry but provides a build customers vs build leads type platform.